Science festival 2016

Science festival 2016

12 Wednesday
From Wed, 12/10/2016 to Sat, 15/10/2016



Discover the ENS de Lyon’s science village

Every year, the ENS de Lyon opens up to the public with the Science Festival: physics demonstrations, a chemistry show, initiation to biology, workshops around history, language science, games, conferences and encounters with researchers… Under the auspices of the ministry of higher education and research, the Science Festival will be held nationwide October 8-16, 2016. In and around Lyon, it is organized by the University of Lyon.
There will be 120 science villages across France. The one at the ENS de Lyon will be open to pupils and students from October 12 to 14, and open to all on Saturday October 15, from 2pm to 5:30pm.
Three conferences are worth noting:
  • October 12 at 8pm
    “Eat well and preserve the planet: tomorrow’s nutrition challenges”
    A conference by Christian Rémésy
  • October 13 at 8pm
    “The crises of biodiversity and volcanism” 
    A conference by Pierre Thomas
  • October 14 at 6pm
    “When a physician’s handicap means progress for neuroscience”
    A conference by Vance Bergeron

The full programme can be found on the website dedicated to the ENS de Lyon’s Science Festival.