#1 A year of state of emergency! The end of the rule of law?

#1 A year of state of emergency! The end of the rule of law?

15 Tuesday
Tue, 15/11/2016



In the framework of the serie of conferences "Paris, Nice...Reflecting on Terror..."

Speakers: Karine Roudier (lawyer, IEP, Triangle) et Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche (lawyer, Lyon 3, IUF)
The state of emergency, first declared on November 14, 2015, having been extended three times so far, will be in force in France until January 26, 2017. In a country claiming to have democratic values, the adoption and maintenance of this critical state to combat terrorism is not to be taken lightly and has left us all reflecting on the changes in society leading up to this. It entered into force at a time when anti-terrorism legislation was, according to the French government, a comprehensive and effective arsenal.
Firstly, we all have to analyze the content of the state of emergency law and its reconciliation with the rules of constitutional law, to then measure the effect it has had on public opinion.
At a time when some feel that they are not concerned by this measure - because they have nothing to hide - and when others are willing to give up their liberties in favor of security, we may have to admit that terrorism has already triumphed.

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