#2 | Media and terrorism: the question of the enemy within

#2 | Media and terrorism: the question of the enemy within

06 Tuesday
Tue, 06/12/2016



In the framework of the serie of conferences "Paris, Nice...Reflecting on Terror..."

Speaker: Isabelle Garcin-Marou (Science of Information and Communication, IEP, ELICO)
Terrorist violence is commonly understood as a war against democratic states, especially because violence calls to question the social contract and the peaceful character of the political and social relationships in a democracy.
Violence, shakes up democracy, and disrupts the sphere in which the different media operate. Not all media react in the same way to this disturbance and differences can appear over time depending on the types of violence. Recent developments, however, show the effects on the tightening of the symbolic and discursive field.
Therefore, highlighting this specific issue about the emergence of terrorism and its impact on the work and the communication of the media, forces us to reconsider the logical course of action of the media (both in the face of violence and of the State); to look at social emotions and, finally, the issue of "the enemy within".
This talk therefore aims to address the issues of media discussions in the face of violence that go over and above the communicative exercise. The specific issue of violence committed by members of the targeted society - and the reactions of this society - will be addressed.