Challenges in research: robustness and variability

Challenges in research: robustness and variability

19 Tuesday
Tue, 19/06/2018




The reproducibility of published experiment is the foundation of Science. No reproducibility - No science (Moshe Pritsker - JoVE)
In modern science, reproducibility is a necessary condition (although not necessarily sufficient) for establishing a scientific fact, and in practice for establishing scientific authority in any field of knowledge. However, many factors need to be kept in mind when designing and carrying out experiments: for example, environmental factors may clearly affect reproducibility and robustness.
Every year, the SFR Biosciences organizes a colloquium with a theme reflecting all the activities of the Institute. This year we have chosen to discuss the big challenge of achieving reproducibility in research, and the related topics of robustness and variability.
We will host the keynote speakers Massimo Tomassino, from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, who will present the concept of the exposome, Claudio Colaiacomo, from Elsevier, who will provide a publisher's point of view on reproducibility, and finally Pablo Jensen, a physicist at ENS de Lyon and IXXI, whose interest is in modeling complex systems.
We also will hear flash presentations from the SFR platforms, and talks by scientists from each member laboratory.