Egocentrism and Anthropocentrism in language and discourse

Egocentrism and Anthropocentrism in language and discourse

30 Thursday
From Thu, 30/03/2017 to Fri, 31/03/2017




This conference seeks to investigate the linguistic manifestations of egocentrism and anthropocentrism. While the existence of these two related, though distinct, phenomena is well established, the aim is to understand more specifically the extent of their influence on the structuring and interpretation of language and discourse, taking into account a wide range of languages and genres (political speech, computer-mediated communication, press articles, advertising, novels, letters, [auto]biographies, etc).
Keynote speakers:
  • Greville G. Corbett, Distinguished Professor of Linguistics at the University of Surrey and member of the Surrey Morphology Group
  • Elena Semino, Professor of Linguistics and Verbal Art at Lancaster University

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