MUSE, the Time Exploring Machine

MUSE, the Time Exploring Machine

09 Thursday
Thu, 09/03/2017



A premiere screening of the documentary in the presence of its Directors and Roland Bacon

This documentary traces the history of MUSE, the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer recently deployed on the large telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in the Atacama Desert in Chile.
Since its genesis over ten years ago, and its exploration of outer space, the film invites us to share this extraordinary technical, scientific and human adventure. MUSE enables us to dive into the heart of the very first moments of the universe to understand the formation of the galaxies, as well as studying the movements of matter and the chemical properties of nearby galaxies.
Team leader and head of the project, the astrophysicist, Roland Bacon explains: "this instrument is the result of hard work by many people over many years, and the result is a real success! Surprisingly, this seven-ton assemblage of optical, mechanical and electronic components is now a fantastic machine to study the early universe. We are very proud of this achievement - MUSE will continue to be a unique instrument of its kind over the coming years."

  • 40 min. documentary
  • Direction: Christophe Gombert and Claude Delhaye, CNRS Image, Center for Astrophysical Research in Lyon, Astronef
  • Roland Bacon, scientific writer

The screening of the film will be followed by a debate in the presence of the authors and filmmakers.
Free entry, pre-booking not required

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