"Single Cell" SFR Biosciences Day

"Single Cell" SFR Biosciences Day

16 Friday
Fri, 16/06/2017



" L'emploi des moyennes en physiologie et en médecine ne donne le plus souvent qu'une fausse précision aux résultats en détruisant le caractère biologique des phénomènes ". Claude Bernard
This quote from the father of modern physiology and medicine highlights the need for measuring biological phenomena at their relevant scale. Current techniques now allow interrogating molecular contents at the single cell level, unleashing the full power of the cell theory formulated in 1839. This single-cell day of the SFR biosciences will be dedicated to expose how old questions can obtain new answers using single-cell approaches.
We will listen to two keynotes speakers: Jeff Mold (Karolinska Institute - Sweden) and Gilad Yaakov (Weizmann Institute of Science - Israel). We also will hear flash presentations from the SFR platforms, and talks by young scientists from each different laboratory.
Preliminary program and general information: www.sfr-biosciences.fr/animation/actualites/2017-single-cell-day-of-the-sfr-biosciences
Registration is free but mandatory: http://www.sfr-biosciences.fr/animation/actualites/2017-single-cell-day-of-the-sfr-biosciences
Organizing Committee : Isabelle Fobis Loisy, Carine Maisse-Paradisi, Mélanie Wencker, Romain Debret, Marco Grillo, Christian Lesterlin, Christophe Chamot, Thibault Andrieu, Olivier Gandrillon and Gaël Yvert.