Transgression dans l'Antiquité : approches des limites et des écarts

Transgression dans l'Antiquité : approches des limites et des écarts (TAntALE)

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Transgression in Antiquity: Approaches to Limits and Deviations

[in progress] 2018-2020


The junior laboratory "Transgression in Antiquity: approaches to limits and gaps" is part of a multidisciplinary approach with a strong coherence around a temporal and historical logic: its work will focus on Antiquity – a period that brings together almost all the members: historians, latinists, hellenists, philosophers and comparative analysts who almost all work on antiquity or its reception – and on the notion of transgression.

However, since their approaches are all different from one another, they allow us to consider very different facets of transgression, focusing either on figures who embody it in a literary and/or historical context or on the norm/transgression dialectic. The insistence of historians on the need to cross-reference sources and to use concepts from the social sciences in a critical and reflexive manner by adjusting them to the field of ancient history, the fine and nuanced understanding of texts by latinists, hellenists and linguists, as well as the reflexive thinking of philosophers can enable us to provide a rich and cross-referenced view of this notion.

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