David Bennett

David Bennett - BBIOWhile I’m nominally an Englishman, I mainly grew up abroad, living first in Luxembourg and then Sweden. I returned to the UK for my higher education, starting with aMSci in chemistry and molecular physics at the University of Nottingham. My interests were initially rather spread, including laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, and it wasn’t until my final year that I gave NMR the consideration it deserved. I stayed on at Nottingham to do a PhD. in solid-state NMR with Dr Jeremy Titman; the main focus of my work involved developing new dipole-dipole recoupling sequences for half-integer quadrupolar nuclei, as well as working on an assignment procedure for small molecules using CSA measurements and CASTEP DFT calculations. After my PhD, I did some copy-editing for the European Physical Journal for a while, and then joined the pNMR network early in 2014.

Home Country United Kingdom
Project Topic New tools for paramagnetic NMR
Project Description The main aim of this project is the characterisation of new hardware relevant to the NMR of paramagnetic samples, as well as the development and testing of appropriate pulse sequences. This will be achieved in strong cooperation with academia, including testing new equipment with real-world samples.
Additionally, we also intend to work on the simulation and automated interpretation of experimental data. In particular, the ease with which simulations can be set up and used for evaluation is to be improved. To this end NMR relevant simulation tools such as SIMPSON will be investigated and prepared for routine workflow.
Project Home Bruker Biospin
Supervisor Frank Engelke & Sebastian Wegner
Starting Date February 2014
Meetings pNMR Training School, February 2014, Mariapfarr, Austria
Title: Electronic and Nuclear Relaxation, and Electronic Structure Calculation Role: participant
EMBO Training Course, and SU Applied Training Course, July 2014, Florence, Italy

Title: Solution and Solid-state NMR of Paramagnetic Molecules
Role: participant
SU Applied Training Course, July 2014, Florence, Italy
Title: NMR Relaxation Theory
Role: participant
pNMR Applied Training Course, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Title: “pNMR of Inorganic Materials and Bioinorganic Systems” Role: participant
pNMR Workshop, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Multidisciplinary Workshop #2
Title: “New Developments in Experimental and Theoretical Techniques for the Study of Paramagnetic Inorganic Materials”/span> Role: participant
pNMR Mid-Term Review Meeting, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Role: participant
Complementary Skills Course, given by the RSC, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Title: How to write, edit a scientific paper and get it published
Role: participant
3/06-29/08/2014 : UCAM; 04/11/14-30/01/2015 : ETHZ