Applied Training Course – LYON 2013

Solid State NMR of Materials and Proteins

September 5 & 6, 2013

CRMN (Centre de Résonance Magnétique Nucleaire à très hauts champs)

Lyon, France

Training Course-Lyon 2013


  • Frank Engelke (Bruker Biospin)
  • Jochem Struppe (Bruker Biospin)
  • Sebastian Wegner (Bruker Biospin)
  • Enrico Ravera (CERM)
  • Kristaps Jaudzems (University of Riga)
  • David Gajan (CRMN)
  • Torsten Herrmann (CRMN)
  • Moreno Lelli (CRMN)
  • Anne Lesage (CRMN)
  • Andrew Pell (CRMN)
  • Guido Pintacuda (CRMN)
  • Aaron Rossini (CRMN)

Topics Covered:

Please fill out the Contact form (with the Presentation Title)  if you are interested in receiving the presentation files for the any of the following topics.

  • MAS probe technology
  • Basic theory for solid-state NMR
  • The NMR instrument
  • Basic setups for solid-state NMR
  • DNP enhanced NMR spectroscopy for materials science
  • Sample preparation for DNP
  • Paramagnetic solid-state NMR
  • Protein immobilization for solid-state NMR
  • 1H-detection and very fast MAS
  • Sample datasets for 1H-detected 2D and 3D correlations
  • Pulse programs
  • 1H-based backbone assignment strategy using CARA
  • CARA tutorial for protein resonance assignment
  • Unio-MATCH protocols for protein resonance assignment