Trainings and Workshops


September – Applied Training Course, ‘Solid-state NMR of Materials and Proteins’– Lyon, France

September – Multidisciplinary Workshop 1, ‘Pushing the Envelope of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Paramagnetic Systems.A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach’ – Chamonix, France


February – Training Course, ‘Electronic and Nuclear Relaxation, and Electronic Structure Calculation’ – Mariapfarr, Austria

July – Training Course, ‘Solution and Solid-state NMR of Paramagnetic Molecules’ – Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy
July – Applied Training Course, ‘NMR Relaxation Theory’ – Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy

August – Applied Training, ‘Paramagnetic tagging for drug research’ – Leiden, Netherlands

September – Applied training, Multidisciplinary Workshop 2, complementary skills training,‘New Developments in Experimental and Theoretical Techniques for the Study of Paramagnetic Inorganic Materials’ – Cambridge, UK


June – Applied Training course, Introduction to practical pNMR shift calculations, Berlin, Germany.

July – Complementary skills training, ‘Personal Skills, conference presentation and Communication’, Prague, Czech Republic.

July – Multidisciplinary Workshop 3,pNMR : from rags to riches, Challenges and potentials of NMR on paramagnetic molecules,
Prague, Czech Republic.

September – Apllied Training Course, Expression and purification of metalloproteins for structural studies and Paramagnetic restraints in hybrid methods for protein structural analysis, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy.


Future Events

Please check back regularly for updated information.


11th-13th May 2016 – Applied Training, , Expression and purification of metalloproteins for structural studies’ and ‘Paramagnetic restraints in hybrid methods for protein structural analysis’, Florence, Italy.

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5-10th June 2016 – CNRS Training ‘Magic Angle Spinning NMR of paramagnetic solids’ (title TBC), Sunday 5th June, and 1 afternoon, during the CHIANTI Workshop, Principina Terra (Grosseto), Italy (

8th-9th July 2016 –  Oulu Training, ‘Calculating pNMR parameters’ (title TBC), Aarhus, Denmark, after the EUROMAR conference (3-7th July 2016) (

End of September 2016 (last week of September?), Final workshop, date and place TBC.