Applied Training Course – LEIDEN 2014

Paramagnetic tagging for drug research

18th-22nd August 2014
Leiden, Netherlands

Registration deadline : Thursday 26th June 2014

Leiden Academy Building

Leiden Academy Building


Lanthanide tags are becoming popular in protein NMR to obtain structural information on protein-ligand and protein-protein complexes. The double-armed CLaNP probes provide excellent paramagnetic properties.
This course will enable students to get hands-on experience on tagging a protein with a lanthanide tag, acquiring NMR spectra and analyzing the paramagnetic effects, with a particular focus on the application to protein-ligand complexes in relation to drug discovery.


This Applied Training Course will take place at the Gorlaeus laboratories, Einsteinweg 55, 2333 CC Leiden, The Netherlands.

It is organised by Prof. Marcellus Ubbink of LEIDEN’s Institute of Chemistry, and Dr. Gregg Siegal from ZoBio, our Associate Partner.


12:30 – 13:30Lunch lecture on NMR to study protein-ligand interactions

Monday 18th August
16:00 – 18:00 Introduction to paramagnetic tagging (lectures on theory and practice)
Evening Welcome diner in town
Tuesday 19th August
9:00 – 19:00 Preparing protein, tagging, purification in the lab
Wednesday 20th August
9:00 – 19:00 NMR experiments and data processing
Thursday 21st August
9:00 – 12:30 Analyse PCS and calculate magnetic susceptibility tensors
13:30 – 19:00 Analysis and docking of ligands to a protein using PCS
19:30 Goodbye dinner in town
Friday 22nd August Departure

Accomodation and fee

No fee is requested from ERs and ESRs of the pNMR partner groups.
External participants fee is 300 euros. It includes all consumables, instruction, NMR costs, tea/coffee and the two dinners.
Payment will be via invoice to the Leiden University.

All students need to cover their expenses for accommodation and other meals.

Hotels rooms will be available at about 60 euros per night on the basis of shared rooms.

The number of participants is limited to ten. Participation of external students will be on a first come, first served basis.

The Deadline for registration is June 26, 2014.

If you would like to participate to this course, please contact Prof. Marcellus Ubbink at

Leiden Canal City Centre

Leiden Canal City Centre