2016 Actions

Open Day at Oulu, 30th Sept 2016

The University of OULU group participated to the “Tutkijoiden yö” (“Night of the Research”, an “open day” event) on the 30th September 2016 at the Kajaani University Center by presenting “Supertietokone tutkimuksen mahdollistajana — Molekyylien ja materiaalien laskennallinen tutkimus” (“Supercomputer as enabler of research — Computational research on molecules and materials”).

Medals in Bratislava, 19th October 2016

On the 19th October, Peter Cherry, ESR at the Bratislava node, won the 3rd place in the young scientists (up to 35 years old) competition organised by its Institute of Inorganic Chemistry.

Both PIs of the Slovakian node received medals for their “support of science” from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), on the 19th October 2016, at the Presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in BRATISLAVA.
More information (in Slovakian) can be found here : http://www.sav.sk/index.php?lang=sk&doc=services-news&source_no=20&news_no=6553

Science Party in Lyon, 14th-15th October 2016

The Lyon node participated again this year to the annual national event of the Ministry of Education, the ‘Science Party’, aiming at opening the doors of science labs all around the country, by organising 2 days of small workshops and visits in its premises.
As last year, participants were led on a learning path with stands and hands-on experiments, but with a special focus this time on how NMR can be used in cancer research. After having observed and visualised a magnetic field, and understood its use in generating an electric current, participants were shown an NMR model, and how it worked. They visited the spectrometers hall, and had the opportunity to insert a sample in one spectrometer. The related research possible thanks to which was explained.
Activities were opened to everyone above 14 years old, and led by the lab’s Marie Curie fellows, PhD students and post-docs.
211 people attended, of which 125 high-school pupils.