LEIDEN Netherlands


Lead Researcher Marcellus Ubbink
Address Leiden Institute of Chemistry
Gorlaeus Laboratories
P.O. Box 9502
2300 RA Leiden
Description Leiden Unvierstiy is the oldest university in the Netherlands, offering education to about 15 000 students in a wide range of studies.  The Institue of Chemistry provides education and research in Synthetic, Biological and Physical Chemistry.
  • 9 NMR spectrometers
    • 200MHz
    • 300MHz
    • 400MHz (DMX-400solid, AV-400liquid and AV-400imaging)
    • 100/400 variable field MHz
    • 500MHz
    • 600MHz
    • 750MHz
  • Protein production and purification facilities
  • Facilities for Biophysical experiments (EPR, XRD, UV-VIS, ITC, EM, MS)
  • Development of paramagnetic probes
  • Paramagnetic methods for the study of proteins and protein complexes
  • Paramagnetic characterisation of ligand-target interactions
  • Methods for fragment-based drug discovery
Other Researchers Dr. Gregg Siegel-Assistant Professor and CEO of ZoBio