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11th-13th May 2016 – Applied Training, , Expression and purification of metalloproteins for structural studies’ and ‘Paramagnetic restraints in hybrid methods for protein structural analysis’, Florence, Italy.

To register : http://www.ens-lyon.fr/crmn/pnmr/events/applied-training-courses-florence-2016/

5-10th June 2016 – CNRS Training ‘Magic Angle Spinning NMR of paramagnetic solids’ (title TBC), Sunday 5th June, and 1 afternoon, during the CHIANTI Workshop, Principina Terra (Grosseto), Italy (http://www.cerm.unifi.it/chianti/)

8th-9th July 2016 –  Oulu Training, ‘Calculating pNMR parameters’ (title TBC), Aarhus, Denmark, after the EUROMAR conference (3-7th July 2016) (http://www.euromar2016.org/).

End of September 2016 (last week of September?), Final workshop, date and place TBC.