Applied Training Courses – FLORENCE 2016

Expression and purification of metalloproteins for structural studies and

Paramagnetic restraints in hybrid methods for protein structural analysis

11th-13th May 2016, Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy
Registration deadline : 15th April 2016 

No fee is requested for pNMR funded fellows.

Registration is opened to external participants (in limited number), but involving a registration fee (140€). Please contact us for more information.

Lunches and dinners included. Travel and accommodation borne by participants.


The course will cover the practical aspects of :
1) recombinant expression of metalloproteins and strategies for the assembly of metallocofactors,
2) protein purification and preparation of a solution NMR sample,
3) acquisition of solution NMR spectra of paramagnetic proteins for the measurement of pseudocontact shifts and residual dipolar couplings,
4) analysis of the paramagnetic restraints for the structural characterization of proteins,
5) NMR/X-ray hybrid structural refinement.

Attendees will gain hands-on experience on the expression and preparation of an NMR sample in a wet lab, the setup of NMR experiments, the use of software tools like FANTEN, for the analysis of the paramagnetic restraints, and REFMAC-NMR, for the protein structure refinement through X-ray and paramagnetic NMR restraints


This Applied Training Course will take place at the CERM, Via Sacconi 6, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy, on the scientific campus (Polo Universitario) of the University of Florence.

It is organised by Dr. Giacomo Parigi of CIRMMP, and Prof. Claudio Luchinat, from Giotto Biotech, one of our industrial partner.


Accommodation is not provided. A possible accommodation in Sesto Fiorentino is Hotel Villa Stanley Please, confirm your participation and possibly provide us the details of your accommodation asap.


The course will take place from 9.30 to 18.00


Wednesday 11th May
9.30-9.40 Welcome
9.40-11.15 GiottoBiotech staff
Recombinant protein expression: how to approach
11.15-11.30 Coffee Break
 11.30-13.00 GiottoBiotech staff
Extraction of cytochrome c from E. coli pellet
 13.00-14.30 Lunch
 14.30-18.00 GiottoBiotech staff
Extraction of cytochrome c from E. coli pellet
Thursday 12th May
9:30-11:00 M. Fragai
Strategies for metal exchange in metalloproteins
 11.00-11.15 coffee break
11.15-13.00 GiottoBiotech staff
Purification of cytochrome c
 13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30-18.00 E. Ravera
NMR of paramagnetic molecules with practicals
Friday 13th May
9.30-10.45 V. Calderone
From protein crystals to structural refinement: a quick overview
10.45-11.00 coffee break
11.00-12.00 G. Parigi
Paramagnetic restraints for protein structure calculations
 12.00-13.00 A. Carlon
Practicals on FANTEN and REFMAC-NMR
 13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.30 A. Carlon
Practicals on FANTEN and REFMAC-NMR
 16.30-17.30 C. Luchinat
How to tackle protein structural data from solution and solid state : An integrated approach


pNMR Training Florence 2016

  • This training is mainly aimed at the pNMR funded fellows.


More information coming soon! 🙂

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