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pNMR: The roots of the matter

Foundations and future challenges for theory and experiments of paramagnetic NMR

8th-9th July 2016, Aarhus, Denmark



The training workshop took place at the iNANO building, Aarhus University.

Session 1-2  dealt with the fundamental theory and modelling of paramagnetic NMR, the modelling of paramagnetic properties in extended systems, and the theory of paramagnetic effects of chiral systems.
Session 3-4 detailed the new opportunities of ultra-fast magic angle spinning and of dynamic nuclear polarization, as well as the modelling of nuclear spin relaxation. A practical training in the SIMPSON software was also given.
Session 5-6 addressed Paramagnetic NMR in material science, of which the fundamental properties in the solid state and the applications to batteries and photovoltaics.

Aarhus River

Aarhus River


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