Mathilde Lescanne

Mathilde Lescanne LEIDEN UniversityI first studied in preparatory classes for French engineering schools in Bordeaux, France for two years. I did my third year of bachelor degree at the PHELMA-INPG engineering school in Grenoble, France. I then continued my studies with a master program at the University Joseph Fourier of Grenoble in Physics, where I graduated in physics applied to biology. I discovered NMR and its applications to biochemistry during my first internship at the Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS) of Grenoble. I worked on NMR data processing for non-linear sampling. Within this project, supervised by Dominique Marion, I compared different approaches and evaluated their respective performances and drawbacks. I came back to the IBS for my master thesis and I worked on exchange phenomenon in a 0.5 MDa methyl-labeled protein. For this project, I developed writing skills in python scripts to fit relaxation rate CPMG profiles. I am now working as a PhD student in the Protein Chemistry group in Leiden, The Netherlands, under the supervision of Prof. Marcellus Ubbink.

Home Country France
Project Topic new applications of paramagnetic lanthanide tags
Project Description The research will be aimed at the development of application of paramagnetic lanthanide tags. In particular, two aspects will be studied. First the application of the PARAssign assignment methods to 15N labeled proteins and to large, methyl labeled proteins to prove that it is possible to obtain assignment with this approach. Targets are selected together with the pNMR partner AstraZeneca. Second, the determination of small molecule binding sites and orientation on large proteins, using ligand PCS from several tags attached to the protein.
Project Home Leiden University
Supervisor Marcellus Ubbink
Starting Date September 2013
Meetings pNMR Workshop, September 2013, Chamonix, France
Title: Multidisciplinary Workshop #1, joint with Bruker pre-Alpine Conference
Role: participant
EMBO Training Course, and SU Applied Training Course, July 2014, Florence, Italy
Title: Solution and Solid-state NMR of Paramagnetic Molecules
Role: participant
SU Applied Training Course, July 2014, Florence, Italy
Title: NMR Relaxation Theory
Role: participant
LEIDEN and ZoBIO Applied Training Course, August 2014, Leiden, the Netherlands
Title: Paramagnetic tagging for drug research
pNMR Workshop, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Multidisciplinary Workshop #2
Title: “New Developments in Experimental and Theoretical Techniques for the Study of Paramagnetic Inorganic Materials”/span> Role: participant
pNMR Mid-Term Review Meeting, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Role: participant
Complementary Skills Course, given by the RSC, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Title: How to write, edit a scientific paper and get it published
Role: participant
pNMR Workshop 3, Prague, CZ
Title: pNMR : from rags to riches, Challenges and potentials of NMR on paramagnetic molecules, Role: speaker
Secondments 2/06-13/07/14 : CIRMMP, Italy; March -May 2015 Astra Zeneca, Sweden