Witold Andralojc

Witold Andralojc-CIRMMPWitold Andralojc obtained his bachelor degree in Chemistry at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, and wrote his thesis on methods of simulation of rough solid surfaces. He then continued his education by joining the EU Eramus Mundus SERP-chem International Master Course held by a consortium of four European Universities (Université Paris-Sud, France, Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Poznan, Poland, Universidade do Porto, Portugal). The program included extensive mobility between the partner institutions which allowed Witold to develop a strong background in different branches of physical chemistry (spectroscopy, surface phenomena) as well as helping him to strengthen his soft skills (communication, management, patent law) through dedicated courses. He graduated with a master thesis written at the SOLEIL synchrotron facility near Paris, France on an experimental study of the rotational Doppler effect in photoelectron spectroscopy.

Home Country Poland
Project Topic An integrated structural approach to flexible multidomain proteins
Project Description Multi-domain proteins and DNA often exert their function changing conformational state. Experimental paramagnetic NMR data (pseudocontact shifts, self-orientating residual dipolar couplings and paramagnetic relaxation enhancements) collected for these systems are the outcome of an extensive, but unique conformational sampling. From the motionally-averaged observables it is impossible to reconstruct that unique ensemble, as an infinite number of ensembles can explain the experimental data equally well (the ensemble recovery is an ill-posed and ill-defined inverse problem). To overcome this limitation and extract quantitative information from average data the Maximum Occurrence (MO) approach was introduced, which calculates the maximum time a given conformation can exist and still be in compliance with the experimental data. The project will focus on the improvement of MO calculation method and then on the analysis of the mobility of selected paramagnetically tagged multi-domain proteins.
Project Home Consorzio Interuniversitario Risonanze Magnetiche di Metallo Proteine (CIRMMP)
Supervisor Giacomo Parigi
Starting Date September 2013
Publications W. Andralojc, C. Luchinat, G. Parigi, E. Ravera, “Exploring regions of conformational space occupied by two-domain proteins”, submitted
Meetings pNMR Applied Training Course, September 2013, Lyon, France
Title: Solid-state NMR of materials and proteins
Role: participant
pNMR Workshop, September 2013, Chamonix, France
Title: Multidisciplinary Workshop #1, joint with Bruker pre-Alpine Conference
Role: participant
pNMR Training School, February 2014, Mariapfarr, Austria
Title: Electronic and Nuclear Relaxation, and Electronic Structure Calculation Role: participant
EMBO Training Course, and SU Applied Training Course, July 2014, Florence, Italy
Title: Solution and Solid-state NMR of Paramagnetic Molecules
Role: participant
SU Applied Training Course, July 2014, Florence, Italy
Title: NMR Relaxation Theory
Role: participant
pNMR Applied Training Course, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Title: “pNMR of Inorganic Materials and Bioinorganic Systems” Role: participant
pNMR Workshop, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Multidisciplinary Workshop #2
Title: “New Developments in Experimental and Theoretical Techniques for the Study of Paramagnetic Inorganic Materials”/span> Role: participant
pNMR Mid-Term Review Meeting, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Role: participant
Complementary Skills Course, given by the RSC, September 2014, Cambridge, UK
Title: How to write, edit a scientific paper and get it published
Role: participant
pNMR Applied Training, June 2015, Berlin, Germany
Title: Introduction to practical pNMR shift calculations Role: participant
pNMR Complementary Skills Training, July 2015, Prague, CZ
Title: Personal Skills, conference presentation and Communication Role: participant
pNMR Workshop 3, July 2015, Prague, CZ
Title: pNMR : from rags to riches, Challenges and potentials of NMR on paramagnetic molecules, Role: speaker
pNMR Applied Training, May 2016, Florence, IT
Title: Expression and purification of metalloproteins for structural studies and Paramagnetic restraints in hybrid methods for protein structural analysis, Role: participant

Secondments 25/08-30/09/2014 and March 2015, Leiden, the Netherlands