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Journées du GdR SolvATE

Du lun 04 fév 2019 au mar 05 fév 2019


  • Halil I. Okur
  • Barbara Kirchner
  • Juan M. Feliu
  • Klaas Wynne
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Solvation: Advances in Theory and Experiments (SolvATE)

SolvATE is a French network, funded by the Chemistry Institute of the CNRS, joining about forty Laboratories who share an interest in understanding solvation at a molecular level. One of the strengths of this network resides in its multidisciplinarity: theoreticians and experimentalists, chemists, physicists and engineers all expressed a strong motivation in building a playground for new collaborations and exciting projects. Those two days will gather the community around an intense workshop, with four international invited speakers, sponsored by the ANR MUSIC.

The SolvATE Days 2019 will take place in Lyon in February. Please check out the Conference Webpage.


  • Halil I. Okur

Laboratory for fundamental BioPhotonics

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

  • Barbara Kirchner

Mulliken Center for Theoretical Chemistry

Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie

Universität Bonn

  • Juan M. Feliu

Instituto de Electroquímica

Universidad de Alicante

  • Klaas Wynne

School of Chemistry

University of Glasgow

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Carine Michel

Stephan Steinmann

Paul Fleurat-Lessard

Francesca Ingrosso

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