CANG9211 : B2 _ Speaking and Listening _ TP

CANG9211 : B2 Speaking and Listening TP

Responsable(s) :
  • Layla Roesler
Enseignant(s) :
  • Ashley Norton


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Langues pour non spécialistes

2e semestre

Public interne (réservés aux auditeurs de licence-master et normaliens )

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Content objectif

CANG 9111 et CANG 9211 _ B2 _ Speaking & Listening

Do you understand English when you read it, but not when you hear it? Do you have trouble saying exactly what you mean when you speak in English? Then this class is for you!

Content & methodology

The exercises are inspired by C1 Advanced exam questions, and are designed to take you from a B2 speaking level to a C1 speaking level.

You will be in groups of maximum 8 students.

Each week there will be:

  • solo, pair, and group speaking exercises
  • a different pronunciation point to practice
  • idiomatic expressions for colloquial and professional English
  • listening exercises in class and for homework

You will be exposed to a range of different English accents from all around the world, and you will be taught different listening techniques.


ClassMain topicPronunciation point
Class 1Expressing yourself in an inexact waySound and spelling; ea, ee and ie
Class 2Giving adviceEmphatic stress
Class 3Paraphrasing and summarisingConsonant groups across two words
Class 4Being tactful in formal discussionsHomophones in words and connected speech
Class 5Recalling and speculatingMain stress
Class 6Organising a presentationTone in comment phrases
Class 7NegotiatingIntonation in implied questions
Class 8Dealing with conflictSound and spelling: foreign words in English
Class 9Turn-takingTone in question tags
Class 10Final speaking exam 
Class 11Final presentations 



50%continuous25%listening homework
 assessment25%class quizzes
50%final exams25%final speaking exam (in groups of two or three)
  25%final presentation (solo)