CANG9277 : C1+ _ Transatlantic Translation Workshop

CANG9277 : C1+ Transatlantic Translation Workshop

Responsable(s) :
  • Layla Roesler


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2e semestre

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Informations générales sur le cours : CANG9277

Content objectif

CANG 9277 (Spring semester)

Collaborative course with Barnard College of Columbia University

Course instructors: L Roesler (ENS Lyon) and L. Postlewaite (Barnard/Columbia)

This “atypical” course, run in partnership with Barnard College of Columbia University (NY, USA), proposes an interactive and collaborative translation experience. ENS students are paired with an American translation partner and work to translate texts from French into English and English into French. Typically, the texts chosen for translation are as yet untranslated. When possible, the course instructors seek publishing possibilities for translations that meet the necessary criteria. Students may have the possibility of attending a translation seminar bringing together all the workshop students at some point during the semester if scheduling and funding issues are favorable.

Course objectives are both pedagogical and professional.

They include:

  • Improving language skills, in terms of translation, grammar, and also in terms of communication/interaction competency
  • Enabling students to become aware the dynamics of translation as a professional activity through all the steps leading up to publication
  • Familiarizing students with the technologies used by contemporary translators (software, translation platforms, etc.)
  • Allowing students to develop their international social media use to communicate during the on-going translation process

Course structure 

  • In addition to a classic classroom setting for part of each session, scheduled video-conference exchanges allow the whole class more formal interaction with their American counterparts. Much of the actual translation work in done in an autonomous setting determined by each set of student partners.
  • Joint ENS Lyon/Columbia translation workshop seminar (dates and feasibility to be determined).

Course assessment: 

based on 1. written reflective reports on process of translation; 2. oral presentations of on-going translation; 3. final translations.

Course credit: 

3 or 5 ECTS, depending on individual course of study.