Application for Master's degrees - EU/EEA

European students can apply for our Master's degrees (M1 or M2) depending on the quality of the candidate’s academic profile and motivation for research or/and teaching careers.

* European students are students with nationality :
- EEE country : UE countries, Norway, Island, Liechtenstein.

- Switzerland, Monaco or Andorra.

Non European students with a diploma from French higher education instituion are concerned by this process.

Students applying through this process can not enroll to the diploma of ENS de Lyon (specific process).

Applications are reviewed by the ENS de Lyon's admission committee.

To candidate :

  • M1 : to have a L3 diploma (180 ECTS), or for candidates that studied in a foreign country, to have an equivalent level.
  • M2 : to have a M1 diploma (240 ECTS) or for candidates that studied in a foreign country, to have an equivalent level.

You can apply to several masters.

For each master, you have to open a file online : CADENS.

If you want to apply in the same master, you have to suppress your initial file.

1 - Complete and submit the online form 

You have to complete your file online : CADENS

You can find all information about the calendar here (document on the right).

2 - Application review

All applications are reviewed by the admission committee of the ENS de Lyon.

3 - Results

You have to connect to the online platform CADENS to see the results.
No results will be given by phone.

Calendar : on the document on the right.

4 - Admissions and enrolment

If your application is accepted, you have to confirm you will join the ENS de Lyon online : CADENS.

You will then receive a mail of pre-enrolment and the procedures to be followed for enrolment.

Documents to be uploaded on the online form are indicated online : CADENS.