Opportunities in China


Each year several call for proposals are published by national or bilateral funding programmes in order to generate opportunities for collaboration with China.

Below is a list of programs issuing calls for proposals with China on a regular basis.

Cai Yuanpei


Cai Yuanpei is a set of programmes bringing financial support to scientific cooperation between France and China : Cai Yuanpei - Découverte, Cai YuanPei - Tremplin and PHC Cai Yuanpei.

Each year two calls for proposal are issued:

  • The Cai Yuanpei Découverte programme is open to teaching staff and university representatives involved in international relations at higher education establishments (universities, engineering schools, etc.).
  • The Cai Yuanpei Tremplin programme is open to tenured researchers in research laboratories attached to higher education establishments or research organizations.

PHC Cai Yuanpei

Cai Yuanpei is the Franco-Chinese Hubert Curien Partnership (PHC). It aims at developing excellence in scientific and technological exchanges between the French and Chinese laboratories dealing with joint thesis supervision.

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The Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)

CSCThe Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) is a Chinese public institution overseeing international academic exchanges. It provides scholarships to Chinese and international students through the China Study Abroad Fund. 

The program between the ENS group and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) recruits excellent doctoral students from all Chinese universities, or provides financial support for a Chinese doctoral student to carry out a research stay in a laboratory affiliated to one of the 4 ENS (Paris, Paris-Saclay, Lyon, Rennes). This program can recruit up to 20 doctoral students per year in the ENS group (i.e. around 5 candidates per ENS and per year).

There are two kinds of CSC financial support, depending on the status of the candidate:

  • Full PhD, thesis grant from 36 to 48 months:
    • Thesis with delivery of a single French diploma
    • Thesis in international co-tutelle (joint-PhD)
  • Visiting PhD, research fellowship from 6 to 24 months: thesis with delivery of a single Chinises diploma in China, with invitation to carry out a research period in France.

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Jeunes Talents France Chine


In 2017 the French and Chinese governments signed an agreement in order to strengthen scientific collaboration between France and China. The "Jeunes Talents France Chine" program is one of the exchange programs born from this agreement and allows  young researchers in sciences and technology to go abroad and work in a prominent laboratory. 

Each year a call for application is issued in order to select promising candidates.

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