Program LIA Post-Western Sociology


Since 2006 a strong partnership has been maintained between China and France through the scientific collaboration built by the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and the CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). 

Thanks to the partnership between the two institutions and the participation of universities from both countries such as the ENS de Lyon, Shanghai university or Beijing university,  agreements like PICS (International Scientific Cooperation Project) and the LIA (International Associated laboratory) were created.

Through these projects significant results were generated, the LIA in particular allowed the organization of the training of doctoral and post-doctoral students, the setting up of workshops and colloquiums, students and researchers’ mobility on an international scale, thesis supervisions, the co-signature of multiple publications and the mobilization of more than 80 professors, researchers as well as PhD and post-doctoral students.

Based on these achievements, both institutions will extend the framework of their collaboration through an International Advanced Laboratory (IAL) framework agreement on "Post-Western Sociology in Europe and in China - POSTWESTSOCIO".

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