The mission of the Prevention Commission is to propose training activities for all ENS de Lyon community in order to contribute to the necessary awareness of the risks of sexist and sexual violence and all forms of harassment and discrimination.

Training for all members of the ENS de Lyon community

The members of the Support Unit as well as those in the Prevention Commission received training on the psychosocial and legal aspects of sexual harassment.
This aspect is also part of the program of "supervisory meetings", for the training of managers. ENS de Lyon has integrated these training/awareness-raising programs as part of its global training plan. Student associations and anyone in contact with students through their work are particulary concerned by these schemes.

A mandatory awareness day dedicated to newcomers has been scheduled into the program for the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022. 
Other training and awareness-raising actions will be carried out throughout the year, and we are counting on everyone to participate as it’s so important to raise awareness in all communities to create a serene enviroment to work and study for every single one of us.