Organization of studies


The PRoSFER program (Programme of Sino-French Education for Research) is a three-year course delivered in China at the East China Normal University (ECNU). It covers 9 disciplinary fields: biological sciences, physical sciences, chemistry, computer science, sports sciences, education sciences, history, sociology and philosophy.

PRoSFER is a two level program, including a Master level program and a PHD level program :

  • The Master level program offers to high potential ECNU Master students a supplement of education provided by the participating ENS, both at ECNU under the form of a series of training mission realized by ENS related teachers or researchers, and at one of the ENS through a dedicated master mobility of ECNU students. This Master component is reserved for students studying for a Master degree at ECNU. Moreover, two courses of studies are possible within this program: the normal track, with students recruited at the bachelor level or at the Master level year 1 pursuing a regular Master curriculum at ECNU, and the short track for students recruited at the master level year 2 and pursuing a regular Master curriculum at ECNU. The program is higly selective with an admission capacity limit set at 5 students per discipline and per year. A limited number of short track students with demonstrated outstanding potential can also be recruited in the 2d year of their ECNU Master. The main goal of the Master level program of PRoSFER is to prepare ECNU students to join its PHD level program, although they can pursue it in a different perspective.


  • The PHD level program is a full joint PHD program open to ECNU students as well to students of the 3 participating ENS. Selected students are enrolled both at ECNU and at one of the 3 participating ENS. They receive a double Doctorate degree and enjoy doctoral co-supervision. In order to obtain their joint Doctorate degree students must complete all doctoral requirements of both institutions. The normal course of studies is 3 years, with the requirement to spend two semesters in the home institution. Students can apply for an extension, subject to the policy of each institution. ECNU students benefit from a scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council covering up to 4 years of studies. ENS students benefit from regular types of French PHD funding. More information