# 3 | A furious desire to sacrifice. The Supermuslim

# 3 | A furious desire to sacrifice. The Supermuslim

17 Tuesday
Tue, 17/01/2017



In the framework of the serie of conferences "Paris, Nice...Reflecting on Terror..."

Speaker: Fehti Benslama
What can we say about the sacrificial desire that has taken control over so many young people in the name of Islam? This conference offers an interpretation gravitating around what I call the Supermuslim (le surmusulman).
Whether perceived as a trend or personified, the Supermuslim is the result of nearly a century of Islamism. I have seen evidence of it in the rhetoric and directives of Islam, but also during my clinical experience. Psychoanalysis is not just about "giving therapy" to people in the shelter of a doctor’s office. Clinical analysis teaches us to explore individual and collective strengths of anticivilisation at the heart of civilized populations and their morals. This is why, what we call "radicalization" today, needs to be explained further.
It can be seen as a religious fact that has become threatening and at the same time as a social psychological symptom. In this light, the designation of the Supermuslim acts as a diagnosis of the danger to which Muslims and their civilization are exposed. This is also why I believe that it will be possible to go beyond this superego and to move towards a different future for Muslims.