Prosfer Governance and contacts


The PROSFER program gathers 3 Ecoles normales supérieures (ENS) in France (Lyon, Paris-Saclay and Rennes) and the East China Normal University in Shanghai. The general coordination of the program is managed by ENS de Lyon. For each discipline of the program, French and Chinese scientific coordinators have been appointed.

France: ENS group

  • Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon - general coordinator of the programme  
    • Philippe MAURIN, Director of international affairs
      philippe.maurin [at]
    • Jean-Michel ROY, Scientific leader of the  PROSFER programme 
      jean-michel.roy [at]
    • Karin KIM LIM, Head of International Cooperation and Partnerships [at]
  • Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris saclay 
    • Catherine Stephan-EVAIN, Director of international affairs 
      catherine.stephan-evain [at]
  • Ecole Normale Supérieure de Rennes 
    • Deborah FRANCE-PIQUET, Head of International Cooperation 
      deborah.france-piquet [at]


China : ECNU  


  • Institut of aspiring researchers
    • YANG Fuyi, Assistant director
      fyyang [at]
    • YU Hao, Head of the Aspiring Researcher Training Office
      hyu [at]
    • LIUXiaoling, Project manager
      xlliu [at]
  • International exchange and cooperation division
    • DU Zhenyu, Director 
      zydu [at]
    • YU Yue, Head of International Cooperation and Exchange 
      yyu [at]
    • LIU Xiaoyan (Lucie), Project manager
      xyliu [at]

Scientific coordinators 

France : ENS group 

Subject area 

Scientific coordinator 


Biology Karine Gauthier (ENS Lyon) karine.gauthier [at]
Chemistry Nicolas Bogliotti (ENS Paris-Saclay) nicolas.bogliotti [at]
Physics  Tommaso ROSCILDE (ENS Lyon) tommaso.roscilde [at]
Computer science  Yves ROBERT (ENS de Lyon) / 
David BAELDE (ENS Rennes)
Yves.Robert [at]
david.baelde [at]
Philosophy  Jean-Michel ROY (ENS Lyon) jean-michel.roy [at]
History  Philippe RYGIEL (ENS Lyon) philippe.rygiel [at]
Sociology Frédéric Lebaron (ENS Paris-Saclay) frederic.lebaron [at] 
Education  Jean-Charles CHABANNE (ENS Lyon) jean-charles.chabanne [at]
Sports science  Jacques Prioux (ENS Rennes) jacques.prioux [at]
Foreign languages Fabienne DUMONTET (ENS Lyon) Fabienne.Dumontet [at]


China : ECNU

Subject area 




Biology Coordinator JIANG Xiaodong xdjiang [at]
Chemistry Coordinator ZHANG Kun kzhang [at]
Physics Coordinator HUANG Kun khuang [at]
Computer science Coordinator WANG Changbo cbwang [at]
Philosophy    Coordinator HE Jing jhe [at]
History Coordinator ZHU Ming zhumingecnu [at]
History Assistant XIAO Qi     cherynexiao [at]
Sociology Coordinator ZHAO Yeqin yqzhao [at]
Education Coordinator HUANG Zhongjing zjhuang [at]
Education Assistant ZHAO Qi qzhao [at]
Sports science Coordinator GAO Qiang gaoqiang.ecnu [at]
Foreign languages Coordinator WANG Jing jwang [at]


Coordinators /Institutional contacts 

  • France : ENS 
    • ENS Rennes: international [at]
    • ENS Paris-Saclay: ri [at] 
    • ENS de Lyon: International.strategy [at]
  • China : ECNU
    • YU Yue, Responsable Coopération et échanges Internationaux : yyu [at] 
    • Xiaoyan (Lucie) LIU, Chargée de mission
      Tel: +86-21-62233190, 13601918767
      xyliu [at] 
      Add: Room 361, Physics Building, 3663 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai 200062, China