Jéco - Journées de l'économie


Each year, the Université de Lyon Foundation and the ENS de Lyon host a new edition of "Journées de l’Economie", or Jéco, a three-day round of conferences that aim to make the economy an intelligible and engaging topic for debate.

The goal of the Jéco is to inform, explain, debate, and share ideas on economic subjects that concern the public. Since the first JECO day in 2008 over 10 000 people have taken part each year.

The Jéco days, organized through the initiative of Pascal Le Merrer, Professor of Economics at ENS de Lyon, give different people concerned by economic issues the opportunity to come together and attend conferences and debates.

Students are very involved in this event, as at least 1 500 academics from all over France attend, with the support of the Minister for Higher Education and Research.

ENS de Lyon is one of the partners that are actively involved in this event, welcoming students in economy and management.