20171122 / J-2 before poweroff

Within 2 days (friday 24th of november 2017), all of PSMN's equipment is moving to the brand new ENS de Lyon's Datacenter.

Hence, we will have to turn off all the machines this friday in the early afternoon (13h30 ~ 14h00).

During this long operation, we will perform the following tasks:

  • complete network infrastructure upgrade (10Gb interconnect),
  • OS nodes upgrade toward Debian 9,
    • /Xnfs/site/ become /Xnfs/ (cross-nfs),
  • scratch's software upgrade,
  • use of a new authentication system (FLMSN's directory),
    • everyone will get new password,
    • about fifty people will change login,
  • connection point to “cold storage” at the CCIN2P3 (CIDRA2).

We encourage you to recover ASAP data you'll need during the poweroff (including on /scratch).

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