20220506 / Migration News, scratches

  • deb9-deb11 migration: Plans are made to be changed…

Debian11/Slurm Upgrade was not planned to be a one-day operation:

  • E5 cluster will be shutting down, by pieces, to make room for Cascade extension (starting yesterday)
  • Cascade extension will be powered up slowly (mostly during June 2022)

then Summer holydays…

In the meantime:

  • E5 and Lake test nodes *are available* for tests and migrations purposes
    • E5: c82gluster1 is the login node (for now)
    • Lake: c6420node171 is the login node (for now)
    • Cascade: s92node01 is the login node.

Please do test and prepare your slurm scripts…

Be aware that homes and groups/teams storages (/Xnfs) are the same between systems.

Then, in September, we'll see (E5 and Lake clusters final migrations, scratches migrations).

  • Scratches

You are doing it wrong (mostly).

DO NOT store scripts, SGE/slurm logs, small files, source code, binaries on Scratches: it degrade general performance VERY fast, for everyone.

Scratches are meant for large temporary files, and large I/O operations, WITHIN a job. That's all.

DO cleanup!!! Everytime a job is finished, scratch should be clean up (with exception for long workflows)

DO VERIFY your cleanup operations!!

General purpose scratches (E5N/, Lake/) are full again. We will erase files older than 90 days next week (blind shoot).

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