20171214 / Relocation in the new Datacenter (SING)

Tests on electrical system will occur from 14th to 19th of december (with full charge and discharge on UPS).

Full discharge, and fire tests, will occur on 18th of december.

Water cooling system is not yet at 100% capacity…

Hey! First day without problems!

  • ssh.psmn is almost ready,
  • allo-psmn is ready, but not available (passerelle.psmn.ens-lyon.fr is available, as a temporary replacement, for those using SSH keys),
  • All fileservers are up, uid & uidNumbers in migration (FLMSN directory),
  • Upgrade on gluster system (/scratch) is under way,
  • Network switches full reconfiguration still not done,

More to come tomorrow.

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