20221021 / ENS de Lyon general power outage

An electrical power outage for maintenance purpose will be held Saturday 22th of October 2022 (12 hours long maintenance).

  • All PSMN infrastructure will be powered off from friday 21th (starting 12h00) to monday 24th
    • login nodes, compute nodes & visualization nodes will be POWERED OFF at noon (12h00)
  • Debian9/SGE will be shutdown definitely on Friday 21th of october 2022
  • all Debian9 scratches will be ERASED upon migration (E5N, Lake, Chimie, Bio, Themiss)
  • you have one WEEK to retrieve remaining data from /scratch

See our online documentation:

IMPORTANT NEWS Debian9/SGE will be shutdown definitely Friday 21th of October 2022. See Calendrier prévisionnel des Évolutions
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