20220314 / Massive Upgrade coming

Hi all,

We have a Massive Upgrade coming this spring!

  • From debian 9 to debian 11
    • to support both new hardwares and new softwares
    • new cluster with new upgrades already available (Cascade)
    • every binary must be rebuild
    • new ways of sharing programs
    • new ways of installations
  Use the web forms when software are missing. We will find the most suitable way for installation(s).
  • See below new documentation about R, Python, Perl…
  • From SGE to Slurm
    • GridEngine have served us well for years, but it can't keep up as we continue to grow (over 30k cores this year),
    • We choose slurm because it is used on national and international centers
    • better reservation, cleaner exit
    • Slurm offer more freedom and more responsabilities!
  • We will have to physically re-organize clusters (E5 and Cascade), to double Cascade, and halve E5.
  • We will propose meetings and courses to ease the transition, group by groups
  • Cons:
    • all scratchs will have to be destroyed (we go from v3 to v8, data will not be readable, we must restart from zero)
    • E5 and Cascade will have to be turned off for weeks (2 to 4)
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