20170425 / Up & Running (Finally...)

Hello world; 8-)

  • CRAL's home server is back online (with a brand new motherboard).
  • E5 scratch is finally up & running. It has now a limited space: 35TB.

So we strongly advise to cleanup on regulary basis.

Still, there's some maintenance scheduled on, because we are awaiting for disks to be replaced. It 'should' be transparent, as these operations can be performed while the system is running.

  • E5-2670comp3 and E5-2670comp4 are no longer front machines, they are re-used as nodes.

Two new front machines will be powered up soon. Check website for updates:



Do not hesitate to contact PSMN Staff if you encounter any problems:


Bests regards, Coraline & Loïs, for PSMN Staff.

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