20220920 / migration update

Planning is fluid.

in order to :

  • make room for “Cascade part 2” servers (~80 nodes)
  • better placement of scratches (in rack)
  • add scratch/Cral to Cascade
  • enable 4 new visualization servers (probably in Lake)
  • moving and filtering out E5 nodes (for deb11+slurm)

we need to :

  • stop and move scratch/Cascade to another rack
  • re-cable Cascade s92node[65-78]
  • re-cable Cascade infiniband network
  • power off and de-rack E5 nodes

Some of it will be done right after “Acoustics Measurements” (see next news).

IMPORTANT NEWS Debian9/SGE will be shutdown definitely Friday 21th of October 2022. See Calendrier prévisionnel des Évolutions
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