20180207 / Compilers vs OpenMPI

We are struggling to install stable and reliable versions of compilers (gcc, intel, PGI) and OpenMPI.

On advices from other HPC centers, we choose to try to use an automated builder system (easybuild), which “should” help us, when installing/upgrading softwares.

As it's designed for HPC, it's extremely configurable (a lot, too much), and it's very easy to make mistakes that propagates into the softwares tree. It's highly integrated with l-mod (the new environment modules manager), as it automagically create (or erase) the modulefiles. More magically propagation of errors…

That's why the ml avail change a lot these days.

We will propose an “Out of the softwares tree” with intel and openmpi reliables versions ASAP.

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