20220927 / Acoustics measurements

(le retour de la revanche)

Acoustics measurements campaign is BACK!

  • All queues and partitions will be blocked from 23-09-2022
  • All remaining jobs will be killed on 27-09-2022 afternoon

“Sous réserve de conditions météorologiques favorables, la réalisation des mesures acoustiques MLE / SING est programmée dans la nuit du Mardi 27 septembre au Mercredi 28 septembre 2022.”

Under favorable weather conditions, acoustic measurements (yes, again-again) will occur during the night from Tuesday 27th of september to Wednesday 28th of septembre 2022.

We may need to shutdown all of compute nodes and parts of storage to meet the required power/cooling conditions of the measurements, if the date is confirmed.

Backup dates 4 to 5 of october 2022 (same day, one week later).

Cascade cluster will be re-started after manual re-cabling (see previous news)

IMPORTANT NEWS Debian9/SGE will be shutdown definitely Friday 21th of October 2022. See Calendrier prévisionnel des Évolutions
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