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-====== 20210202 / File servers ======+====== 20210202 / Auth, mount and fileservers ======
-File servers for geology and chemistry users are having problems. The staff (Loïs Taulelle) takes care of it).+We are experiencing multiples problems:
-{{tag> hard soft }}+  * "can't get password entry for user" 
 +  * "can't stat() /home/..." 
 +  * "user does not exist or error with NIS/LDAP" 
 +  * empty home on logon 
 +All theses are related to a surge on our main auth server (started yesterday ~18h), and local caching on nodes/comp failing. 
 +File servers for geology and chemistry users were having problems also (related). The staff (Loïs Taulelle) is taking care of it. 
 +Some nodes may continue to fail, please signal them using our web forms: [[contact:forms:accueil|Formulaires du PSMN]] 
 +{{tag> soft mount nfs auth }}
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