The 2016 Science festival

The 2016 Science festival

Fri, 28/10/2016


2,890 participants!

After welcoming groups of school children from October 12 - 14, the Science Village opened its doors to the general public on Saturday, October 15, 2016.
Visitors enjoyed this festive afternoon just as much as the schools did during the first three days. "It’s simple", a teacher told us, "last year, when we came back from the Festival of Science, all the pupils told their parents that they wanted to be chemists!".
Amongst the workshops given by the researchers and students of the school, were some new events. Notably:
  • "Question time with the chemists", victim of its own success
  • The workshop "Archaeology of buildings: how to read a wall with the naked eye", run by the CIHAM, with a giant puzzle of a façade from the Middle Ages
  • The student exhibition and photographic teachers from the Biology departments.

Some fantastic student initiatives were launched for this 2016 edition:
  • The junior lab «Démesures» offered a "trip through different scales", ranging from observations under the microscope of the evolution of organisms to satellite photos of the galaxy.
  • The students of the junior lab "Mathematics exhibition" presented their project on mathematics and the movement of planets to an audience made up of people, both young and old, who all share a passion about this subject.
  • The Champ Libre association organized a night of scientific films at the Kantor cinema.

The 2016 Science Festival in video: