3D printing for hospitals

3D printing for hospitals

Wed, 01/04/2020


The ENS de Lyon is continuing to support hospitals and public services that are on the front line of the health crisis.


The masks are made up of 3 parts:
- 3D printed Frame/headband in LA or nylon
- a screen made from cutting a transparent PVC sheet
- elastic securing ties

The Edouard Herriot Hospital recently called on ENS de Lyon to use 3D printing for two types of frames:

  • RC1 mask frames  (which supports a visor that protects the entire face)
  • TC-type eyeglass frame (which supports a shorter visor that only protects the eyes)

The Physics Laboratory and the Mechanical Engineering department volunteered with 4 3D printers. A feasibility study was carried out last week by Marc Moulin (CNRS Senior Research Engineer). The results show that by running the machines once a day, it is possible to produce 20 units per day. It will therefore take about ten days to complete the 200 units needed at the hospital.

A first delivery – 60 RC1 frames and a dozen TC-type mounts – was made on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

The Mechanical Engineering department just provides the frames and then the hospital sticks on hand-cut screens in transparent PVC sheets. Because of the toxic fumes, it is unfortunately impossible to help cut these plastic sheets with a laser.

The 4 3D printers in operation at ENS de Lyon have all been set up at the mechanical workshop. They are activated daily by Olivier Razebassia (ENS de Lyon technician) who has exceptionally been granted access to the laboratory.

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