The Biology students come out of their laboratory

The Biology students come out of their laboratory

Thu, 18/05/2017


New teaching unit : Museology practices In partnership with the Musée des Confulences

ENS de Lyon and the Musée des Confluences offers students of the Biosciences Master’s program, a special teaching unit: Museology practices.
It is an interdisciplinary teaching unit looking at themes related to biology, anthropology, zoology and the history of art.
For the 2016 academic year, along with Morgana Octavian, lecturer at the ENS de Lyon, and Marie Perrier, in charge of the collections at the Confluence Museum, thirteen students traced the origin of various objects from the collection of African art.
They have taken an unprecedented look at these objects using their knowledge of biology and their research, that complements the museum’s data on customs and population.
It’s also a good way for them to understand the importance of giving value and communicating their research work to the general public.
Video (in French)