China: Delegation of the Chinese Minister of Education at ENS de Lyon

China: Delegation of the Chinese Minister of Education at ENS de Lyon

Mon, 12/12/2016


A Chinese delegation composed of departmental representatives and elite universities, led by Mrs. HUA Lei of the Directorate of Education of the province of Liaoning, was welcomed at the ENS de Lyon on Friday, December 9, 2016.
Context of the visit
The economic partnership between France and China is one of the major challenges of the 21st century, in keeping with the 2014 celebration of the 50th anniversary of bilateral diplomacy. French-Chinese relations are increasing in all areas and close exchanges in areas of economy, culture, and in particular, higher education and research have developed.
Reception at the Chinese Consulate General in Lyon, December 7, 2016
During the visit of the Lyon delegation, Mrs. WANG Ju, Chinese Consulate General in Lyon, organized a reception bringing together French and Chinese partners to support the development of French-Chinese relations.
Welcoming the delegation of the Chinese Ministry at ENS de Lyon, December 9, 2016
The Chinese delegation stayed in France for two weeks to meet the French academic institutions and understand better the cooperation strategies and international mobility currently in place. Having previously stayed in Paris for a week, the delegation’s trip to Lyon took place during the week of the Festival of Lights.
During this visit, Jean-François Pinton and the International Affairs Division, Séverine Bresciani and Mathilde Bégrand, had the pleasure of presenting and discussing:

  • The goals of ENS de Lyon
  • Policies and strategies of international development
  • The role and the goals of the International Affairs Division
  • The different training programs of the School, including those in English
  • Admission and support for international students
  • Research carried out and its international structures
  • Cooperation with China

Experiences and professional practices were shared and there were fruitful exchanges with:

  • Prestigious Chinese establishments, such as the Universities of Beijing, Tianjin, Jiaotong (Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Lanzhou), Sun Yat-sen, South-West, Tongji, Wuhan, Science and Technology of Central China, Lanzhou, Guizhou ...
  • Ministerial representatives in charge of international cooperation and exchanges, as well as their counterparts in the provinces of Liaoning, Shaanxi and Guizhou.


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