ENS de Lyon obtains the HRS4R label

ENS de Lyon obtains the HRS4R label

Fri, 19/04/2019


On 22 March 2019, ENS de Lyon received the "HR excellence in research" label (HRS4R) from the European Commission for its European HR strategy for researchers.

The objective of the HRS4R is to improve the practices of research organizations and institutions in the field of recruitment and the work environment of researchers.

By adopting the HRS4R, ENS de Lyon has put into place a continuous improvement strategy aimed at implementing the recommendations of the European Charter for researchers and the Code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers. The action plan developed by ENS de Lyon includes 53 measures, divided into 4 areas:

  • Ethical and professional aspects
  • Recruitment
  • Working conditions
  • Training

Ten departments at ENS de Lyon are involved in implementing these measures.

Ethical and professional aspects

In terms of research ethics and professional responsibility, several measures have already been included in the HRS4R action plan of ENS de Lyon, such as the ethics training modules offered to doctoral students as part of their curriculum. Other training modules include conferences on ethics in the research sector; the setting up of an inter-institutional Ethics Committee at the Université de Lyon; the teacher and teacher-researcher welcome booklet, that contains information on occupational health and safety, but also on training, research, teaching and quality of life at work.
Other steps will be put into place as part of the overall project for data retention and enhancement of research work. Resources will also be developed to ensure internal communication in English.


Job offers for teacher researchers will be posted on the ENS de Lyon website during the competitive entrance exam period from the end of February to the end of June. This will also be the case for temporary lecturers and research assistants (ATER) during the two recruitment campaigns (from January to March and from May to June). Both the teacher researcher and ATER positions are governed by regulatory texts, consequently, application procedures and recruitment terms and conditions are clearly specified.

Research and post-doctoral job offers are also available on the website along with job descriptions, depending on current needs. A recruitment guide for contractual staff researchers and postdoctoral fellows is also being put together.
Other measures will be carried out, such as disability accessibility for doctoral fellowships and contractual jobs; support for the employment of doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers with disabilities; and the creation of an HR/DAI partnership to respond to enquiries from foreign researchers wishing to apply. Various sections of the website in English are currently being translated.

Working conditions

Doctoral students are all supervised by a thesis director who holds an authorization to conduct research (HDR). There is also a thesis follow-up committee that supports doctoral students in their curriculum.

At ENS de Lyon, two equality advisers have been appointed: a man and a woman, in charge of gender equality and issues such as harassment at work. A Disability Officer welcomes and assists people with disabilities, conducts awareness-raising activities and assists the institution's departments in the recruitment of people with disabilities.

Concerning working conditions, measures have been set up to improve the quality of life at work and the prevention of psychosocial risks; to strengthen the social support system and improve measures on hygiene, safety and security; as well as providing information on careers and work organization.


The teacher-researchers and researchers of ENS de Lyon can follow training courses in the training catalogue that is accessible to all the staff of the School. PhD students can choose from numerous courses in the catalogue of the Université de Lyon.

For ENS de Lyon, continuing to support professional development and enhancing mobility for researchers is key.