The ENS de Lyon, official partner of Journées de l'économie - Jéco 2016

The ENS de Lyon, official partner of Journées de l'économie - Jéco 2016

Fri, 21/10/2016


Jéco 2016: 60 free lectures on the theme "Our world has changed"

On November 8, 9 and 10, 2016, the 9th edition of the "Journées de l'économie", or Jeco, was held on the theme "Our world has changed". Over nearly 10 years, the Jéco has become a key national event reflecting on major economic issues.

The spirit of this event is to invite the public to meet key economic players, business leaders, decision makers from local authorities, institutions and economists and to bring them together with anyone who is looking to understand the role of the economy in our societies.

The ENS of Lyon supports this event, which was initiated by one of its teachers, Pascal Le Merrer. ENS contributes to the communication of knowledge on economic issues, through 2 other initiatives:

  • The SES-ENS site, providing all resources in economic and social sciences, in collaboration with the DGESCO.
  • The MOOC or massive on-line course "What is economics?", with the collaboration of Pascal Le Merrer.

The partnership with the Jéco thus strengthens ENS de Lyon’s policy to transmit knowledge to all audiences.
Once again this year, the Jéco hosts a remarkable set of speakers.

Highlights of the 2016 edition
60 free lectures, open to the public, given by more than 250 prestigious speakers, articulated around the observation that "the world has changed", focus on the main questions of today: a weakened Europe, fragmented societies, uncertain technical progress, slowed globalization and the need to reinvent work organization.
Guest speakers were present to reflect, share and discuss these economic changes:

  • What are the work contracts of the future?
    with Gilbert Cette, Véronique Descacq, Diana Filippova, André Zylberberg and Antoine Reverchon
  • The roots of excessive debt
    with Vincent Camet, Henri Fraisse, Stéphane Gourdet, Fabien Tocqué and Stéphane Tourte
  • The open company?
    with Bernard Belletante, Laurent Fiard, Sylvie Guinard, François Lévêque and Thierry Fabre
  • Is there such a thing as original French creativity?
    Pierre Bezbakh, Claude Carlier, Dominique Langevin and Arnaud Montebourg
  • The myth of full employment
    with Michèle Debonneuil, Pierre-Noël Giraud, Henri Guaino, Antoine Naboulet, Olivier Passe and Marion Lhour
  • Reinventing public action
    with Agnès Benassy-Quere, Henri Guaino, Gaspard Koenig, Arnaud Montebourg and Thierry Weil


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