Graduation Ceremony for Biosciences Master’s

Graduation Ceremony for Biosciences Master’s

Thu, 05/01/2017


The first graduation ceremony for the Biology Department

The first graduation ceremony in the Biology department took place in the Charles Mérieux amphitheater at the ENS de Lyon on December 15. This event gave new Bioscience Master graduates and their teachers to share an official but relaxed moment together before getting down to work on their new professional projects.
Nathalie Mayer, PhD, toxicologist, currently Model Developer at KREATis, presented her experience as a former ENS de Lyon student.
The Mary-Claire King Academic year
The 2016 academic year of the Master Biosciences has been named after the American genetic scientist Mary-Claire King. In 1990, she discovered the BRCA1 gene responsible for the hereditary form of breast cancer and is also known for discovering that chimpanzee and humans are almost genetically identical. She is also specialized in the use of genetics applied to human rights.

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Graduation Ceremony for Bioscience students 2016