Graduation Ceremony for Earth Sciences

Graduation Ceremony for Earth Sciences

Tue, 06/12/2016


A memorable moment in the lives of our students

Gowns for the professors, mortarboard caps for graduates, a true ceremony following tradition.
Picture: Vincent Brault ENSmédias©

The traditional graduation ceremony in Earth and Universe sciences took place with the same enthusiasm and innovative spirit that characterize the team of teacher-researchers of the Earth Sciences department. Sylvie Martin, Studies Vice-President of the ENS De Lyon and Céline BROCHIER, CFVU Vice-President in charge of initial training at the Université Claude-Bernard Lyon 1, made the opening speech and congratulated the students for their achievements.
Judith Pargamin, Curator and Director of the Natural History Museum in Lille, was chosen to present her own experience as a former pupil of the ENS de Lyon. In her speech she told her young colleagues that geology can lead to many things, even to the cultural world. It helps you work alone and/or in a team, helping to develop your curiosity and your enthusiasm, to try different paths until you find the work that you were meant to do.
Presided by Isabelle Daniel, director of the Universal Science Observatory, and Stéphane Labrosse, director of the Earth sciences department at the ENS de Lyon, this ceremony in honor of the «Adam Marian Dziewoński» academic year 2016, welcomed teachers, staff members, students and parents in the Charles Mérieux amphitheater, and then later in the atrium for a welcome drink and a chance to get together and talk.
Graduated students