Japan: delegation of students from the Tohoku University

Japan: delegation of students from the Tohoku University

Wed, 15/03/2017


Every year, the "Discover Lyon" program allows twenty students from Tohoku University in Sendai to stay in France for two weeks (March 6 -19, 2017). Led by the Ecole Centrale and INSA, it provides an immersion course in Lyon on French culture, both on an academic and scientific level.

In the context of international initiatives within the Lyon Science College of Higher Education (CHELS), the Ecole Centrale coordinated the visit of the members from the College to encourage students to study in Lyon (Master’s, PhD).

The delegation was welcomed in Lyon by Yanick Ricard (Research Vice President), Damien Stehlé (Program Manager in charge of the Vice-Presidential studies department), Séverine Bresciani and Mathilde Bégrand from the International Affairs Directorate.

The goal was to present the scientific activities of the school and the English language training programs in the field of experimental sciences. In addition to the institutional presentations, visits and exchanges with laboratories were also organized, notably the Physics, Geology and the Institute of East Asia laboratories, during which visitors were able to get a good idea of their future vocation ...