Michel Serres, the natural legacy

Michel Serres, the natural legacy

Tue, 04/06/2019


The members of the Michel Serres Institute of ENS de Lyon pay tribute to the philosopher who passed away on June 1, 2019.

Dear Michel,

You leave behind you not only a vision of a committed, radical but also peaceful philosopher, but also - through the Institute that bears your name - a legacy of activism, action, act and work with the youth. With your approval, we have worked this past year to develop the Michel Serres system by creating the Michel Serres Foundation for the Natural Contract. It seems to us that the implementation of the Natural Contract, your political project, was for you the most urgent mission to accomplish.

The Foundation's toolbox was presented a few days before on the Institute's website. Starting from the founding story of the Natural Contract, we transposed it into a philosophy of action with a specific method that puts the instruments of science at the forefront of public and citizen action. This ensemble, which resembles you so much, dear Michel, goes through a charter. This charter should bring together around your heritage all those for whom you were, and continue to be, the man who spoke to the Nature. A nature in which you gave a special place to farmers and sailors. In recent days, you have guided us once again, in the journal Droit et Société on a subject that was also close to your heart: nutrition.

We want to follow the path you have traced and, at this particular moment, we would like to share with you the tones of a luminous and mysterious Mozart: the Andante of the Piano Concerto No. 21 (Elvira Madigan). To express to all your family and friends our deepest feelings of sadness and condolences.